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Our large team year after year reliably achieves successful financial results for 10 years!

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Our Foundation achieve multiple growth of the value and high return on investments

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The role of transport in economic and social life, in the national safety systems of many countries has significantly changed.


Industrial development is the growth of labor productivity, high competition and increase in the quality of life.


Blockchain are applicable in various fields and can provide a safe and stable record of all financial transactions.


There is only one way available for us to make ourselves distinguished from others and it is our employees.


Energy companies that can quickly move along the path of innovative development will become leaders in the new economy


Our foundation is interested in participating in social life and in making open-hearted contributions to the development

«International ABU Development Foundation» (IABUDF)

Our Mission

— to assist to the realization of intellectual projects and scientific-technical ideas of scientists and practitioners;

— to satisfy the needs of the world community both in capital and in high technology products;   

— to promote the elaboration and implementation of innovative technologies for portfolio companies representing various industries of developing countries;

— to achieve multiple growth of the value and high return on investments;

— to facilitate the opening of new production sites, new jobs and thus to contribute to social and economic development of developing countries. 

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Сustomers have been trusting us for over 10 years.

The basis of the fund work is to finance projects in various areas of the economy, support for new technologies, industrial, against collateral with banking and financial institutions. Our funding is available for large industrial facilities and implementation of public investment programs are made in the form of loans, investment loans with concessional development. Percentage against state and bank guarantees as collateral to it.

We engaged in investment and financing

Fund for International Development «International ABU Development Foundation» (IABUDF)
We have been successfully working since 2007

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  • Wind-driven Power

    Wind-driven electric power stations WinWind with the capacity up to 3 MWt manufactured in Finland
  • Sources of Heat Energy

    The purpose of the project: the construction of a new generation energy bock using new non-radioactive and ecological fuel
  • Mini Oil Refineries

    Oil fuel is a most important source of energy and it shall doubtlessly preserve this role during the next decades.
  • The Bio-fuel Plant

    Marketing research showed jumps of prices and season lack of fuel, which may promote the development of bio-fuel production...
  • The Cement Plant

    The construction of a cement plant with the productivity of 5 million MT per year on the basis of Fedoseyevskiy...
  • LTE development

    The demand for Triple Play and IPTV services became vital when advanced users of Internet and TV...
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Our goal is to be at the heart of the financial services industry as businesses expand across the globe.

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