The Bio-fuel Plant

Construction of bio-fuel plant

Project Detail

 Marketing research showed jumps of prices and season lack of fuel, which may promote the development of bio-fuel production in Ukraine.

The potential of the bio-fuel plant can provide a 100% raw material base for the enterprise by realizing the bio-fuel for reasonable prices to agricultural producers with partial investment of rape production. Many companies in Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Lithuania and Estonia are engaged in bio-diesel production, and the process of constructing bio-diesel plants is gradually developing.


Prognosticating the situation with energy, which becomes more and more complicating from year to year, the production of bio-fuel has great potential at present and in future, so we hope for fruitful work and long term cooperation with attracting our investments

Purpose of the project:
A unique plant for bio-fuel production with the capacity of 1 million tons of grain per year shall be built in Ukraine. The technology has been chosen, the agreements with partners including foreign companies reached.
The term of realizing the project is 3 years, the term of payback 5,5 years. The planned annual income reaches the level of USD 50 million.