Projects in implementation

International ABU Development Foundation (IABUDF)

MBU-280 «BEAR» Project.

«International ABU Development Foundation» (IABUDF) Corporation will manufacture the MBU-280 «BEAR» self-propelled drilling rigs in the use of the oil production and sales industry. The project is designed for three years.
The total amount of the project is 116 mil euros.







Rotary drilling or downhole motor drilling of oil and gas wells, including using the top drive in microclimatic areas with a temperate climate (at the temperatures ranging from -45º to +50 ºС) in the fields with hydrogen sulfide content not exceeding 6%.


  • two motor power units;
  • own transportation truck;
  • driller’s cabin;
  • modular design;
  • autonomy;
  • ease of assembly.


Self-propelled derrick and drawworks unit with the equipment installed: power drive system, drawworks, water cooled auxiliary brake, derrick with a travelling block system and a monkeyboard, auxiliary hydraulic drawworks, hydraulics and pneumatics system, ramp, truck, driller’s cabin, etc.

Drilling Depth: 5100 m (with DP ø 114 mm)

4200 m (with DP ø 127 mm)

Maximum hook load: 2500 kN (250 ton-force)

Installed power: 470/630 630 × 2 = 940 / 1260kW hp.

Drawworks power: 1300 hp

Derrick height (overall): 35.6 m

For drill pipe stand: 22 × 9.2 m

Monkeyboard-rigfloor distance: 17.5 m

Substructure height: 6.01 m

Height to the bottom of the rotor beam: 5.4 m

Travelling-block system stringup: 6×5

Drilling line diameter: 32 mm

Hook lifting speed: 0.2 1.3 m/s

Total weight of equipped truck with the derrick: 92,780 kg

Maximum speed: 25 km/h

Operational conditions: ambient temperature from 45 º to +50 ºС



1. Power drive system
1.1.1 Diesel engine Kit part 2

Diesel model: CATERPILLAR C18 x2

Power: 630 hp (470 kW each) x2

Rotary speed: 1800-2100 rpm

Weight: 1565 kg. x2

1.1.2 Automatic gearbox Kit part 2

Model: Allison Transmission S6610 x2 automatic transmission

Maximum input power: 710 hp (529 kW) x2

Maximum input rotary speed: 2100 rpm

Maximum input torque: 3078 Nm

Number of gears: 6 forward speeds, 1 reverse

1.2 Derrick and tackles
1.2.1 Derrick Kip part 1


Two-section telescopic derrick with an open front face, off-well axis angle towards the catwalk 2.56°, hydraulic system (hydraulic cylinders), for derrick raising and lowering, and for extension and the return of the second section of the derrick.

Useful height — 36.6 m.

Crown block load, max.- 2,750kN (275 hp).

Monkeyboard-rigfloor distance — 16.5 m, 18.5 m, 22.5 m.

Capacity of the stands racks of the monkeyboard — 5100 m (DP ø 114 mm), 4200 m (DP ø 127 mm).

Wind resistance (without load on the hook, without stands on a setback- 112 km / h.

The kit part includes the upper and lower sections, a monkeyboard, sliding and lifting hydraulic cylinders, load lines, guylines, ladders. The mast is produced in accordance with the requirements of GOST 16293-89 and TS 3661-030-32276940-2017

1.2.2 Derrick worker emergency evacuation device Kit part 1

Type: Spas-1 (self-braking, with forced

release, evacuation with special guy line)

Permissible load, max.: 150 N (kgf)

1.3 Truck and tackles
1.3.1 Self-propelled truck (manufactured according to TS and self-developed GD) Kit part 1

Maximum speed: 25 km / h

Minimum clearance: 476 mm

The kit part includes: bridges, suspensions and frame, transmission shafts, fuel tanks, mudguards, fencing, steering, two diesel engines, gearbox for each diesel engine, summing gear, signaling lamps, etc.

1.3.2 Driller’s cabin Kit part 1

Seats: 1

Installed control devices

1.3.3 Steering system Kit part 1 The vehicle is steered through: a steering hydraulic mechanism
1.3.4 Braking system Kit part 1 The braking of the vehicle is carried out with 14 wheels
1.3.5 Wheel configuration Kit part 1


Tire size: 385 65R 22.5

1.3.6 Driven wheels Kit part 1 Along the axes: 1-31° 2-28.5° 3-25.5°
1.3.7 Axle-specific weights Kit part 1

The load is distributed between 7 axles, 4 axles 16,000 kg each and 3 axles

11,000 kg each. Wheel pressure — not less than 6,500 kg.

1.3.8 Power take-off device Kit part 1 2 pcs. work with a pump PTO shaft 108 cc
1.3.9 Driving axles Kit part 1 Quantity: 4 (With system of differentials)
1.3.10 Hydraulic support jack plates Kit part 4

Working length: 760 mm

Max. working pressure: 300 MPa

Max thrust: 35 KN

1.3.11 Truck ramp Kit part 1 Size: 20,060 mm × 3,200 mm × 405 mm
1.4 Hydraulic lifting system
1.4.1 Hydraulic lifting cylinder Kit part 2

Compressed length: 1,800 mm

Throw: 4,200 mm

Max. working pressure: 250 MPa

Max thrust: 80 kN

Jacks are controlled from the hydraulic panel

1.4.2 Hydraulic cylinder extension of the upper section of the derrick Kit part 1

Compressed length: 19,000 mm

Throw: 17,000 mm

Max. working pressure: 260 MPa

Max thrust: 60 kN

Jacks are controlled from the hydraulic panel

1.4.3 Drive hydraulic system Kit part 2

Number of hydraulic pumps: 2

Maximum capacity of hydraulic pumps: 120 m3/s (l/min)

Maximum pressure in the drive line: 260 MPa (kgf/cm2)

1.5 Lifting devices
1.5.1 Single-drum drawworks Kit part 1


Traction effort min.: 280 (28) kN (ts)

Main drum (diameter × length) – ø31 × 75 mm

Spiral Lebus groove for the drilling line ø 32 mm

Power at the input shaft of the drawworks – 1,300 hf

Coupling type: Tire-pneumatic

Maximum rope tension — 28 ton-force

Braking system — main + auxiliary (Brekvatera)

Effort on the brake lever max.: 100 N (kgf)

1.5.2 Auxiliary drawworks Kit part 1

Type: LV-3

Drive: pneumatic

Lifting speed, min.: 20 cm / s

Permissible load, max.: 3 (ton-force)

1.6 Wireline equipment
1.6.1 Crown block Kit part 1

KB-6×280 for the rope ø 32 mm

Maximum load on the crown block: 2,750 (270) kN (ton-force)

Manufactured in accordance with the

GOST 16293-89 requirements.

1.6.2 Travelling block Kit part 1

UTBK 5×270 for the line ø 32 mm

Hook load, max.: 2,650 (270) kN (ton-force)

Manufactured in accordance with the GOST 16293-89 requirements.

1.6.3 Swivel Kit part 1


Maximum static load: 2450 (250) kN (Tn)

Maximum working pressure: 35MPa

Manufactured in accordance with the requirements of GOST 16293-89.

1.6.4 Drilling parameters monitoring system Kit part 1 Type: DAL-150
1.7 Drilling platform

Drilling platform (with increased working site)

The kit part provides a travelling block for BOP pulling

Kit part 1


Height to the site floor: 6.01 m

Height to the rated rotary: 5.4 m

Allowable statistical load on the rated rotary: 2,800 kN

Setback capacity (drilling pipes ø 127мм): 4,200 m

Allowable statistical load on the setback: 2,200 kN

Overall dimensions of the wellhead platform in the working position: 8,640 x 9,100 × 6,010 mm

Weight: 36,300 kg.

Manufactured in accordance with the GOST 16293-89 requirements.

1.7.2 Setback Kit part 1

Overall dimensions: 2,856 x 2,848 mm.

Heating: steam heating pipework

1.7.3 Drilling control console Kit part 1

The console is made as a finished transport and assembly module.

Management of the main components, control parameters of the engine + automatic transmission is equipped with pneumatic and hydraulic valves.

1.7.4 Rotor Kit part 1

R 700

Opening diameter: 698.5 mm (27-1/2″)

Maximum static load: 5,000kN

Manufactured in accordance with the GOST 16293-89 requirements.

1.7.5 Rotor drive Kit part 1 Through the driveshaft, with the parking brake through SHPM-500 coupling.


A self-propelled drilling rig “MEDVED” (MBU-280) with a capacity of 1300 hf is manufactured with a view to a statistical load of 280 metric tons (no analogs in the Russian Federation).

The truck of own design consists of a frame, 7 axles (4 leading axles, capacity – 16 tons each, 3 movable axles capacity – 11 tons each), steering, ABS brake system.

Mast UM-280 is adapted for the installation of TDS.

The OB-MBU drilling platform is 5.4 meters high to the bottom of the rotary beam.

The drive of the main drives is carried out from the two paired CATERPILLAR C 18 diesel engines through a summing gearbox.

As the vehicle is self-propelled, the time it requires to move to the next well within the drilling site is significantly reduced.

Replacement of imported (Chinese) units with Russian ones at more affordable prices.

The assembly and disassembly of the MBU drilling platform takes no more than 15 hours.


Mobile drilling rig, kN (Tn): 2,750 (275) – manufactured by OUM LLC.

Drilling base, m: 6.01 — manufactured by OUM LLC.

Ramp — manufactured by OUM LLC.

Driller’s cabin — manufactured by OUM LLC.

Pump unit module — manufactured by OUM LLC.

Circulating system 280 m3 — manufactured by OUM LLC.

Compressor unit — manufactured by Atlas Copco.

Construction of the mobile drilling rig MBU-280 Medved according to technical specifications TS 3661 001 32276940 2014 of the Ural Machine-building Association LLC.