Liquidity Management

International ABU Development Foundation (IABUDF)

Liquidity management

Our «International ABU Development Foundation» (IABUDF), thanks to a professional team, adopts a long-term liquidity management strategy to maximize its income. This is achieved by directing investments in various financial instruments with a high level of security, including bonds and bank deposits. The liquidity management strategy is designed to generate additional income and timely fulfillment of «International ABU Development Foundation» (IABUDF) financial obligations.


«International ABU Development Foundation» invests in companies in different countries around the world, either through full ownership or through equity in partnership with public or private companies. The Fund’s investment strategy complements its mission to accelerate economic development in the beneficiary countries. He invests in companies that play a vital role in stimulating economic growth and creating jobs in sectors such as tourism, industry, holding companies, real estate and private equity.