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Bank guarantee — how to raise capital — Oleg Karpov — New scheme

How to change the approach to project financing! There is an answer. This is the International ABU Development Foundation -IABUDF. I will briefly say what it is about. This fund has developed an absolutely specific procedure for financing projects and companies. I am very pleased that the scheme is actually very flexible and, in combination with our platform, may be the best option for the development of companies. As I see the diagram. To begin with, the company is applying for project financing on the AODRS platform, which will give the project company primary financing. Take the proposed company with an offer to invest $ 1 million in it, which places its shares on the AODRS platform in the amount of 30%. After the placement of these shares and obtaining financing, the company sends these funds for a deposit to the bank and issues a bank guarantee against them, through which the International ABU Development Foundation -IABUDF fully covers the financing of this project. But how this happens technically and what does the fund get, we learn from Oleg Karpov, the director of the fund in Russia.

SL- How do you assess the prospects for the development of a business pandemic. How do you think this will affect investments?

Oleg K. — Vyacheslav is glad that you have found time in your schedule to communicate with me.In my opinion, at this stage of the development of events in the world against the backdrop of a pandemic, entrepreneurs will be busy minimizing the loss of assets due to subsidence and bankruptcy of enterprises. The world will not be the same.

SL — Why is it necessary now to make a decision on refinancing projects. Is it true that your fund finances projects through bank financial instruments?

Oleg K — Yes, now companies will look for an opportunity to refinance at lower interest rates. At this stage of the development of events our fund «International ABU Development Foundation [IABUDF]» has developed proposals for property owners to transfer liabilities to assets (for clarification, interested gentlemen, owners can contact our directors through the website at ). Our fund «International ABU Development Foundation [IABUDF]» invests under banking instruments SBLC / BG in the form of URDG 758; our working procedures can be found on the website page

SL -What do you see a common problem for Russian entrepreneurs?

Oleg K- The main problem for a RUSSIAN entrepreneur is the banking system, which was not created for creation.

SL -What should an entrepreneur do in order to start cooperating with the fund?

Oleg K — Visit us on the website or on the telegram channel @FundclubIABUDF and state your wishes and we will contact you.

SL-What are your requirements for Russian entrepreneurs at the start of the project?

Oleg K — Adequacy

SL-What do you recommend in general to any entrepreneurs, regardless of which country they are attracting capital from?

Oleg K- Use your savings or liabilities as an asset to attract new funds for business development. Vyacheslav, I sincerely thank you for the interesting conversation and hope for our further cooperation. We suggest that entrepreneurs carefully consider this scheme, which will allow them to quickly finance projects.