Additional Financing

International ABU Development Foundation (IABUDF)

We offer you a procedure for additional financing under a joint partnership agreement for the implementation of the planned project:

1) The principal (partner) sends a letter of intent to begin a transaction (LOI) in this letter is described; appointment and short description of the project, with Indicated Bank-Guarantor. By the attachment to the letter, the partner company provides an extract from the corporate account on the availability of funds with an indication of the amount to ensure the release of the SBLC / BG. The amount of funds must be at least 10% of the requested amount to complete the designated project.

2)«International ABU Development Foundation» (IABUDF) accepts executable project and the presented guaranteeing bank further officially confirms its readiness to accept SBLC / BG from the bank in the amount of __,  the response sends a sample (SBLC / BG) of the accepted banking instrument.

3) The principal (partner) sends from the guaranteeing bank to the specified details of the beneficiary RWA / Pre-Advice Swift-799 (Annex A / B) in the amount of _, (with an attached sample of the banking instrument)

In agreement with the beneficiary, the Principal (partner) sends a letter (BCL) to the bank a letter of readiness of the sample (Annex C / B)

4) Signing a partnership agreement (CFA / JV), on the basis of which the Principal (partner) issues the SBLC / BG banking instrument, sending Swift-760 (Annex A / B) for the specified amount ___. After completing the first stage of financing the receipt of the first transfer, the Principal (partner) procedurally transfers the controlling stake of the company in the amount of at least 60% to the benefit of the fund company.

After performing the procedures:

5) Start of financing after 90 days based on the established schedule.

Attention!!! Note the fixed percentage for the servicing of borrowed funds, the use of terms is adjusted only after the implementation of paragraph 3.

6) As partnership partners agree on the return of funds, the company’s share may be unsubscribed written to the owner.

Approximate servicing percentage of 3-5% of annual payments in tranches within 8-12 months, the term use of funds 5-10 years.