Funding Process​​

International ABU Development Foundation (IABUDF)

Decision-making process by  IABUDF

The mission of «International ABU Development Foundation» (IABUDF)  is mutually beneficial to do business with companies in achieving sustainable economic growth and profit. To do this, we provide preferential financial resources in the form of loans against guarantees of national banks that satisfy preferential conditions in accordance with the requirements of the Economic Cooperation and Development Fund (. The application process in «International ABU Development Foundation» (IABUDF) consists of the following main stages:

We IABUDF have developed three main procedures:

1. Review of the Application Documents

  • Official materials should come from companies with the name of the bank issuing the secured SBLC / BG.
  • All requests should indicate that the project is in line with the company’s development priorities.
  • A funding request must be supported by a business case, a projected cash flow, and a financing plan.
2. Initial Assessment

A review of the presentation and assessment of the economic feasibility process allows the IABUDF to understand the project and coordinate with other financial institutions involved in project financing.
3. Project Evaluation

The evaluation process allows the «International ABU Development Foundation» (IABUDF) to ascertain the economic conditions, analyze the validity of the feasibility study, evaluate the validity of the cost estimates and evaluate the beneficiary’s ability to administer, execute, operate and maintain the project. ( «International ABU Development Foundation» may accept valuation reports made by one of the financial institutions.)
4. Credit Approval

After approval by the «International ABU Development Foundation»  Board of Directors, the beneficiary will be notified and the process of preparing the loan will begin with the preparation for signing the contract after receiving Swift 799.